English subtitles for K3 movies

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English subtitles for K3 movies

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Do you know where to get english subtitles for K3 movies, like K3 Dans van de farao, Love cruise, Hallo K3 and the others. I've got the answer that they are not officially available. The same answer I've got when I tried to buy a K3 Love Cruise DVD in a local shop near Antwerpen
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Re: English subtitles for K3 movies

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Yeah, I don't think they exist, unfortunately. They could be fan-made, but I have never come across any (and just did some googling). It would of course be a lot of work, and also quite hard work if you want to do it well.
Machine translation is getting better and better, so an automatic translation from Dutch to English could work fairly well. However, the problem is that K3 dvds don't have subtitles at all, not even Dutch subtitles. So to do this, you would first need to generate Dutch subtitles from the audio (if you don't want to take the time to do it manually), which does not yet work well enough, I think.
I'm sorry!
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